When there is too much traffic and people congestion in one particular road and locality, despite it being wide and well-constructed with multiple lanes, then what is to be done? Try as it is, this traffic only increases. The reason might be the many attraction points in that locality like its eateries, multiplexes. Open door theatres, sci-fi centres parks, boulevards etc. This is bringing more and more people. It is not possible to widen the roads or the pavements any further. Ins such a scenario, the only way out is to construct another locality nearby on a smaller scale with similar attractions. This will pull some of the crowd here.

This analogy is what can best describe Facebook Lite.

The Facebook Lite also goes by the name of Facebook fast. This is a app which is a smaller and easier to use version of the original Facebook. It has much lesser traffic i.e. much lesser users since it is small version replacement of the Facebook. The key differentiator is that it is a lightweight app and can be used for a lot of things done by the original Facebook version. The APK is also easy and fast to download and does not consume too much bandwidth. This Lite or Fast has all functionalities such as chatting with friends, relatives and social circle, messenger functions similar to the original one, image sharing, imoticons, voice and video calls. The Facebook Lite has become popular across the world. The users can login through the multiple Facebook accounts which leads to a reduction in the data costs. The other major advantage is that it occupies very little of storage space and thereby conserves the data on the mobile storage.

The Lite app has been developed by Facebook itself for the benefit of its ever increasing user base. Its usage as of today is very much consistent and in-vogue as well. There is a good amount of interest because of lightweight feature of the APK. Apart from being a social media app, it has many other utilities like providing the latest news and current events around the world. Users can get updates on their favourite celebrities sports teams, political leaders, product and services, brands, lifestyle by subscribing to the latest feeds.


  1. Besides being a social app to stay connected with friends and groups it is also a personal organizer for storing and saving photos. Photo sharing is possible from the Android camera.
  2. One can post status update and at the same time use the Emoji’s of Facebook to spread the message and greetings of the new developments on different fronts.
  3. Every social media user would be keen to know if friends and relatives have got the messages and their responses. This happens through the notification feature of the app which gives an alert whenever a like is pressed from other side.
  4. The user can interact with friends by placing across their own comments like and other responses on the post of others. This is very similar to the Facebook feature.
  5. The Lite can be used to get the latest of the social events and to know the big breaking news of all segments. Stay connected at all times.
  6. Similar to the Facebook, this is also an app to promote business and other types of products and services.


Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite

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